There are two kinds of countertop options: engineered and natural stone. There are many reasons why homeowners decide to use either product in their kitchen remodels or new constructions. Granite, dolomite quartzite marble, and soapstone are all common counter materials. They present unique patterns that are unique to each piece.

These are natural stones that have been left unmodified and are not engineered. They will naturally show signs of age, such as pitting, fissures, or scratching. These elements add beauty, interest, and beauty to your surfaces.

Granite Counters Are One-of-a-Kind

Granite is created from nature, not synthetic countertops. Granite slabs have unique fissures. There could be ten slabs in a showroom. They all come from the same quarry and have very different characteristics. Granite countertops are unique pieces that can be found in kitchens.

They Increase the Value of Your Home

Granite counters are high-quality kitchen elements that make your space look modern and luxurious. Granite countertops appeal to potential buyers who know that they won’t have any work to do when they move in. The more turnkey the home, the higher it will be valued.

Granite Countertops Are Extremely Durable

Different countertops may have different prices or care requirements. They also vary in durability. Granite is known for its high hardness. Granite can resist scratches and injuries better than most other options, including marble. This is a very important feature for busy families and active kitchens.

Granite Is Better than Synthetic Countertops

Natural stones like granite are more sustainable than synthetic stone countertops. Granite requires minimal processing before it can make its way to your kitchen. Synthetic materials require more time and require more complex manufacturing processes. These can lead to toxic chemicals and harmful emissions.

They Can Be Repaired

Granite countertops are durable, but accidents happen. Granite countertops can sometimes be chipped or cracked, but most of them are repairable. A countertop expert near you can often apply filler materials to make granite look new again. It’s nice having that extra piece of mind in the event that a heavy pot falls from your hands or a glass bottle falls from your cabinet.

Sealed Granite Resists Dirt and Bacteria.

When choosing the right countertop, you cannot rely on its looks. It is also important to consider how durable it can withstand spillages like sauces, red wines, and other liquids. It is also important to ensure that countertops are not able to absorb any bacteria and germs formed from raw meat during meal preparation. Granite countertops are easy to clean, provided they are sealed at least every other year properly.

They Are Heat Resistant

Granite counters can withstand heat because granite is formed naturally using heat and pressure. Even though it is still a good idea, potholders won’t cause scorching like other countertop options. For more information, please contact stone countertops near me.

What are the Benefits of Granite Countertops Vs.? Quartz?

When shopping for natural stone countertops, you may have considered quartz and granite options. While both these stones are durable, the most important difference is the fact that granite stays truer to its original color for longer. If quartz is left in direct sun, it can become discolored. Consider whether your kitchen has a sunshade or other natural light.

Maintaining Natural Stone Countertops

Affordable Granite and Cabinetry installs granite countertops with a 15-year sealant. This protects against stains. We also recommend homeowners. A great product that protects natural stone types from scratching and damage.

By Gracie