A pendent light is also called a suspender or drop is a lone light fixture, which is loosely attached to the ceiling, mainly suspended by a cable, metal rod or chain. Pendant lights are often used in multiple places like kitchen, dining room, and sometimes in bathroom too. These lights have a gamut of variation in shape and size. They too vary in materials like glass, metal, concrete, and plastic. Many of the modern pendants are energy saving models and some use fluorescent or halogen bulbs.

Pendants are used as a balancing focal point in your specific room. They are also used as jewelry for the room. It acts as a catalyst, in increasing beauty of your space. If you are also thinking of decorating your room with extraordinary pendants then Sofary is the ultimate solution for you. They work with professional lighting fixture manufacture, having more than 10 years of experience. Here you will find supreme designs made up of top-quality materials. You can directly visit their website sofary, and choose the design you like, and order directly from there. Their associates are always there to answer all your queries.

Selecting for your space is a dynamic process, and it takes many key factors into account. While selecting following criteria should be taken into consideration like purpose, amount of light, quality of light, type of fixture, and is it a decorative fixture or not. So, while selecting pendant lighting following things should be kept in mind:

  1. You’re Space – A pendant can be hanged even if the ceiling size is small, but for a chandelier, the ceiling fixture needs to be large enough. You also need to consider the visual weight of the fixture, if it is light and airy it’s better to size up, dark and gigantic. Sorting it down might be a better option.
  2. Architectural and Decorative fixtures – There should be a balance between architectural and decorative lights. A designer has his own way of lightning a space for design and visual comfort. Different type of light serves different function. Basic ceiling lights glows and provides sufficient light to the whole area.

Things like screens and planters can be even more radical with lights on the floor. All these together form the perfect mixture of function and form. Lightning is practical, but also creates mood, feeling, and emotional response. Lightning also acts as an aesthetic purpose.

  • Include A Variety of Lightning – It is very important to have different level of lightning, incorporating lamps, overhead fixtures and even dimmers should be in a single space. The level of lightning is significant, as it eliminates the dark areas of any room, and creates a cozy, warm feeling.
  • Multiple Roles A Room Serves – many spaces of our room serves multiple functions, so dimmers are such a convenient feature. Many people don’t have a formal dining room, and wants the flexibility of kitchen counter. This is where sunken lightning with a dimmer or various switches comes in.
  • Playing With Room’s Attractiveness – You can either select lightning that directly compliment the room’s beauty, or purpose fixtures that add contrast. The overall design scheme will convey the style of the fixture, whether it should conform to the architecture of the room, or add contrast to it.
  • Some Time Less Is More – Sometimes the surprise of not having a fixture in an extended location can be just the right decision.

Selecting pendant for your room, which actually suits that place, can only be conveyed by an expert. So, it’s better to go by the idea of a professional rather than making a mess.

By Gracie